While taxes are dominating discussion at the state Capitol, there are other issues affecting agriculture that are under consideration. Legislators are working toward the April 3 first adjournment.
     Augmentation to remedy impairments - The House passed SB 52 yesterday (3/25). This bill would allow the chief engineer of the Division of Water Resources to use water augmentation to remedy cases of impairment of senior water rights. SB 52 was amended to incorporate language from SB 36 that would allow water users enrolled in a five-year flex account to roll over a portion of their unused allocation into a subsequent flex account. This bill likely will be reviewed by a House and Senate Conference Committee next week. KLA supports SB 52.
     Mitigation of watershed dams - Earlier this week, the Senate passed HB 2061. Supported by KLA, the bill would authorize the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s State Conservation Commission to acquire and administer conservation easements necessary for the mitigation of new dams sponsored by watershed districts. HB 2061 previously passed the House and now goes to a House and Senate conference committee.
     Veterinary training - The Senate recently passed HB 2364, which would extend the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine scholarship program for students who pledge to practice veterinary medicine in rural areas of Kansas. HB 2364 previously passed the House and now is in a House and Senate conference committee. KLA supports this bill.


KLA Vice President of Communications Todd Domer says ranchers planning to burn can do their part to avoid further regulation by using tools available in conjunction with the Smoke Management Plan. .