Among bills discussed at the state Capitol last week were proposals dealing with immigration, endangered species and brand laws. Members can provide input and take positions on these and other issues during the KLA Legislative Meeting, February 17 at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Topeka (click here for schedule and registration information).
     Immigration - A bill in the House Federal and State Affairs Committee would prohibit the employment of unauthorized aliens. HB 2525 was introduced last week, but has not received a hearing. KLA policy opposes HB 2525. Meanwhile, HB 2587, which would prohibit the adoption of illegal immigrant sanctuary policies by municipalities, was introduced in the House Judiciary Committee. HB 2587 also is a concern because it would be germane for troublesome amendments like the contents of HB 2525.
     Endangered species - KLA testified in support of SB 384 last week in the Senate Natural Resources Committee. The bill would amend the Kansas Nongame and Endangered Species Conservation Act to limit the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism’s ability to regulate habitat that is not essential to survival of a listed species. It also would require the department to complete recovery plans that balance the economic impacts on a community and the biological impacts on the species prior to regulating habitat. KLA policy supports this legislation.
     Brand law - A bill that would revise Kansas brand laws was approved last week by the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. HB 2480 includes an amendment supported by KLA to clarify when owners of cattle entering Kansas with out-of-state brands would be required to register those brands. HB 2480 now will be considered by the full House.
     Noxious weed law - HB 2479, which would revise numerous provisions of the state’s noxious weed law, was referred to a subcommittee for further discussion when numerous amendments surfaced during committee debate.  The bill, as introduced, would allow the Kansas secretary of agriculture to add or remove plants from the noxious weed list by regulation, as opposed to the current process that requires an act of the state Legislature.




KLA Vice President of Communications Todd Domer reports a Kansan recently was elected to lead the beef industry’s national organization.